Business Improvement

To give you an idea about the challenges our Clients were facing and how we jointly overcame them, we offer you here a collection of anonymized past projects as downloads on our homepage

Strategy – Turnaround in Recycling Industry

A recently (3 years ago) acquired subsidiary (70 million € costs, 600 employees) was constantly losing 1 million € per month. The losses and the impact on the cash flow were threatening not only the existence of the subsidiary but also of the parent company.

A post-merger-integration had never happened and both companies co-existed in “two parallel worlds”. The challenge was to find enough synergies and improvement potentials within a few weeks and also to draw on the expertise and the resources of the parent company hence starting the integration. We designed and executed a 6-week-, workshop-based approach to deliver ideas for improvement to be implemented within one year with little extra investment. The turnaround could be achieved within a year and the project became the internal best practice for performance improvement in the group of companies.

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