Business Improvement

In economical difficult times as well as in times of fast growth our clients are looking for opportunities to improve their economic performance often with a fairly short time horizon in mind. We offer three different ways to optimize our clients’ cash flow within weeks of engaging us:
  • Throughput and availability improvement
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Productivity and cost cutting

Throughput and Availability Improvement

In capital intense industries like metals and mining or pharmaceutical production, higher output is the fastest way to improve economic performance and cash flow. Enabling more throughputs with the same equipment and manpower is the key to success. Increasing overall availability and performance of equipment by focusing on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and working with staff on all levels (managers, supervisors and operators) to raise throughput of production lines or production crews is in the center of our work with clients. Daily transparency using electronic dashboards and physical review boards ensures the sustainability of improvements.

Sourcing and Procurement

Every business should be alert to innovations in the market. Our strategic view to sourcing helps our clients to analyze their current procurement practices and incorporate what fits best to their present and future needs.
We deal with direct supplies and overhead costs, breaking down silos between departments analysing the whole picture. After a diagnostic in which we define the baseline and prioritize spending categories to attack, we review service and goods specifications with stakeholders, we see other industries and spot best applicable practices and we train the procurement department to ensure endurance of the process.

Productivity and Cost Cutting

Reorganizing workflows, use of better equipment and change to organizational structures and roles of staff are in the center of our work to optimize the cost position of our clients under a given or even shrinking production volume. Comparing in-house services with outside providers (outsourcing) will be considered to improve cash flow of manufacturing and production operations. Measures of improvement need to be controlled tightly to make sure the effects are not only one-time alterations, but durable changes to the way operations are performed.

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