Team & Network

When engaging Koenig & Consultants Inc. our clients will benefit from a network of the most inspiring and diverse people and businesses. These network partners contribute to our world of experience and expertise, thus almost infinitely expanding the number of opportunities and solutions we can provide our clients with. Shared values, ideas, and friendship form the basis of our relationships with our network partners.

Dr. Ingo König, PhD, MBA

Ingo studied business administration and economics at Kiel University where he received a PhD in economic policy and also earned an MBA from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA. As an associate principle at McKinsey & Co., Ingo dove into the fascinating world of consulting, which included challenging Clients, great teams, top-notch ideas and many long hours. More recently he enjoyed starting-up his own companies in the areas of life-sciences-, wind-power-technology and consulting. At present Ingo’s focus is on the development of strategies and restructuring of operations and administrative functions. His Clients gain most value from his excellent skills in providing support in the initiation and implementation of change processes. With a name of Scandinavian origin, his appreciation for Nordic culture and the occasional stoic attitude seem to fit. However, if he catches fire for something (a goal, a mission, a topic) or someone he can be more engaged and enthralled than most expect! His other major interests are Sudoku – as he is really quick with numbers-, jazz and opera – as he is not dogmatic – and, coaching youth soccer teams – as he loves team sports and his kids.

Dr. Christine König, PhD

Christine studied Biochemistry in Göttingen, Germany, and received her PhD in Cell Biology. Her first entrepreneurial activity was to custom develop genetically modified mice that serve scientists as models for human disease and later transferred this knowledge into a research firm developing state-of-the art breast cancer diagnostics. As a founder and entrepreneur Christine has personally experienced the rise and fall of great ideas, potential markets, and partnerships. This wealth of experience which she has brought into Koenig & Consultants Inc. enables her to truly adopt her Client’s perspective and empathize with them. Christine loves to transform her Clients’ ideas into applicable concepts, as well as real products and services. She rarely loses the oversight amidst increasing complexity and dares to bring bad news while taking the same with calm and optimism. She engages in projects with heart and persistence, and strongly believes that honesty and integrity are the most sustainable strategies in every business environment. Today she takes pride in being a mother of three wonderful kids and a sought after consultant by the old and new economy in marketing and communications, as well as leadership development projects.

Peter Rode, MA

Peter studied educational psychology with a major in personnel management and leadership at the Helmut-Schmidt University, Hamburg. He graduated as a military officer and gained valuable experience in leadership and teamwork. After service, he joined the business world as a personnel manager, where his main concern was to find the right people for the right job. He then moved on to international sales and became a sales manager of the company. The knowledge and experience he was able to acquire during his office years encouraged him to found his own company. His main strengths as a consultant are the recruitment of personnel with leadership qualities, especially qualified for the sales department or for the organisation of a well functioning international sales and marketing strategy. Peter’s motto is: Pinpoint what is essential and just do it – in order to save resources and to reach your objectives faster.

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