Human Resources Management

To give you an idea about the challenges our clients were facing and how we jointly overcame them, we offer you here a collection of anonymized past projects as downloads.

Recruiting & Interim Management

A European whole-sales company suffering from unexpected stagnation in a particular region for a longer period of time despite an otherwise growing market was unable to force a turnaround, even after using all kinds of measures on the perspective local management.

Since two or three members of his staff had already left the firm on account of mismanagement and more staff members threatened to leave, immediate action was required.

Despite difficult circumstances the central sales management thus was forced to fire the local executive at very short notice:

Our firm was called in to establish an interim management since an internally elected successor was out the question, and – in swift continuation – to find a qualified manager and two substitutes for the otherwise vacant positions of this specific region.

We provided an interim manager and stabilized the critical situation. We soon started a recruitment process and succeeded in replacing all vacancies in a short time.

Simultaneously we worked out a business plan to reboot the company thereby providing a foundation for the new manager to work on. Today this company is flourishing more than ever before.

Preparing a new generation of managers

Our Client, a major player in the steel industry, was facing the challenge of quickly preparing a whole new generation of managers to replace a wave of soon to retire senior managers. Not only should those young managers be trained in management and leadership skills, but they should also implement a new management culture and overcome old barriers to innovation and change. Within a year the entire talent pool (60 junior managers) was to be trained and prepared to take increasing responsibilities.

In a concerted effort with the Client’s senior management and our partner BSE (see network) we defined the desired skill profile for the next generation managers. We jointly developed a highly customized and intense two week off-site training. We followed up on the implementation of the newly acquired skills in review workshops at the Client’s plant six months later.

All goals of this ambitious project were achieved and the improved management skills and culture had an instantaneous and measurable effect.

Problem solving for Project Leaders

A big insurance company needed an educational program for a new generation of project leaders. During preliminary talks with the respective company executives, we designed a battery of the main skills required for their jobs. This was followed by a two-day workshop. Here the foundations for the training of the future project managers were laid and well received by the participants.

Consultative Selling for Engineers

An international engineering and technical consulting firm has a sales-team with mostly technical background and excellent skills and knowledge around products and services. However, the management felt that people skills, communication skills and the sales process as such had some potential for improvement. The need for a consultative selling approach became apparent after the company had decided to focus on the sales of more complex technical solutions including a wider range of consulting services.

We were asked to develop a training concept for the sales manager to improve their abilities in the above mentioned areas. We started by applying the customer benefit concept and tailored some training modules to strengthen the basics of communication, to use personality types to better understand yourself and your counterparts, to apply systematic questioning and to improve negotiation skills.

The increased ability of the sale managers to develop in depth understanding of their customer’s needs and to respond to those, led to record sales in the years following.

Developing marketing competence and strategic skills

Our Client, the global marketing department of a Life Science company, was seeking to develop their strategic marketing competencies by developing and training new marketing processes and tools. These would help them become the market strategists and initiators of product development within the corporation.

By the time of our engagement the marketing team was confronted with a high turnover in management positions and thus struggled with a strategic and consolidated marketing plan for all product groups. The team felt it was stuck in a reactive mode to external requests rather than initiating and steering new product developments themselves.

We carefully analyzed the actual need for the development of marketing competencies on both, the team’s and the individual’s level, and then defined what tools (it turned out that strategic planning tools were the biggest gap) to develop and train together with the team.

As a result of the repeated training of the highly customized strategic marketing tools the team’s skills, confidence, and spirit rose dramatically. The department head was almost immediately promoted and the strategic leadership responsibility was finally assigned to the marketing department.

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